2. Definition of Fusuma

Fusuma is an authentic Japanese partitioning. It has the function of protecting against cold and conditioning humidity. And also it makes the room decorative. The many craftsmen make the own parts and Hyogushi(craftsman) put together them which are called traditional handiworks to finish the Fusuma.
How a fusuma is prepared
A fusuma is made by a wooden frame. This frame is covered with paper in the front and back. Then it is covered with a piece of decorative paper or a cloth combined with paper. Finally the fusuma is finished by placing another wooden frame around the perimeter of the door.
The Characteristics of the fusuma
The fusuma door can be easily put in and taken out. Once the outer papering of the fusuma door is damaged it can be easily replaced. The fusuma paper can easily be replaced when the house is redecorated.
Hyougushi etc.
the people who makes Fusuma, Byoubu, Hengaku and so on.

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