3. Structure of Fusuma

Kumiko Fusuma
1. Fusumahone
the outer frame is called Kamachi and the inner frame is called Kumiko.
2. Honeshibari
Put Washi to fix the structure of Kamachi and Kumiko. We use the used Washi because it is very strong in the past.
3. Doubari
To make the Fusuma more strong. And not to be seen through the color of the other side of the paper and the shade of bone structure.
4. Minobari
Put on long and thin pieces of Washi. Stick them with paste only on the tip of Washi.
5. Minoosae
Put the big paper to fix Minobari layer structure.
6. Ukebari(Fukurobari)
Put small pieces of Washi to finish the core structure with soft texture. Put paste only on the corner of the Washi.
7. Uwabari
Stick the decorated Washi to finish Fusuma.

All the process of work is to make some LAYER structure. The reason is to absorb the humidity and to prevent the coldness.
Plywood board/Particle board Fusuma
In the mass products, the corrugated cardboard or the expanded polystyrene is used as a core instead of the process from Fusumahone to Ukebari(Fukurobari).

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