The SUKIYA-style housing of the Kashiwaya Co. ltd.
which has built in 1907(40th of the Meiji era) is also available for store tours.
Please contact us in advance if you are interested for a store tour.

Animation History: Bunsei era(1824)
Yahyoue the first started the business to sell Washi(Japanese traditional paper) and writing blushes at Tachibana-cho.
40th of Meiji period
Yahyoue the 4th moved to Tachibana 1 chome.(the place now we are.)
30th of Showa period
Yaichirou the 6th incorporated the store as Kashiwaya Co. ltd.
2th of Heisei period
Kazunari the 7th opened the Fusuma showroom, `Karakamiya.` And up to the present time.
Products handled
at the store
Fusuma* paper, related things of Fusuma door (base of Fusuma, wooden frames, Fusuma lattice : bone structure, Hikite : door handle hardwares), interior accessories(wall paper, plastic floor, curtain, carpet), Fusuma door materials and glue,
artistic small paper(for printing/wrapping for boxes)
*Fusuma is the Japanese sliding door.

the head office :
Kashiwaya Co. ltd.

address : 1-4-6 Tachibana, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Japan
tell : +81 52-331-8681
fax : +81 52-331-8891
president CEO : Kazunari Ozeki
e-mail :
the Fusuma showroom ` Karakamiya`
address : (in Kashiwaya Co., Ltd.)
tell : +81 (0)52-331-8660
fax : +81 (0)52-331-8657

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